Potty Mouth goes on the road

We kick off 2015 in style at Alt Angle Films with the news that our comedy horror short Potty Mouth has picked up another official selection.

Following on from our appearance at Horror-On-Sea in Southend in late January we’re pleased to announce that we’ve been officially selected for the Granite Planet International Film Festival in Canada and will screen on their opening night on Feb 20th.

Potty Mouth is an offbeat comedy horror short in the vein of Red Dwarf and The Young Ones that takes on the taboo around an everyday but often overlooked subject – the toilet. It stars Velton Lishke (Alan & Barry, The Mad Monkey Crew) & Lee Van Earp (The Mad Monkey Crew).

“Potty Mouth is not your average bog-standard comedy,” says writer and director Darren Langlands. “It’s probably not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but I’m so glad that it’s been picked up by Horror-on-sea and now Granite Planet and I can’t wait to see how it goes down with audiences there,” he adds.

The film was shot by Filmonik’s Kenneth James with recording, score and sound design by Alt Angle regulars Robert J. Baldwin & Ash Read.

“We had so much fun making this and just laughed and laughed on set – so hopefully folks will laugh and squirm along as well,” says Langlands. “There is a semi-serious subtext to it about the blinding nature that comes with privilege but mostly it’s just a very twisted – if not a little ranty – bunch of fun.”

Potty Mouth screens at the 2015 Horror-On-Sea Film Festival at Southend on January 24th. And then on Feb 20th at the 2015 Granite Planet International Film Festival in Canada.

Potty Mouth Terror Teaser from Alt Angle Films on Vimeo.

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