In Release

Stag Do

Synopsis: Five Mates. One Epic Night. What could go wrong?

Last Man on Earth

Synopsis: Virologist Dr Diane visconti is recruited to a bio research conglomerate to help find a cure for cancer

The Icehouse Project

Synopsis: Four suspects. One killer. Guilty before proven Innocent.

The Martyr

Synopsis: MI5 Agent Laura Kent explains her actions to an internal inquiry in the aftermath of a major terrorism incident.

I, Alone

Synopsis: Police witness Phil is left alone in a safe house only to discover there’s no power.

Potty Mouth

Synopsis: Charlie is in for a rude shock when he discovers his toilet can talk.


Synopsis: Dawn is anxiously waiting at the crown courts to be called to the dock. With only her friend Jackie for comfort and support. Will she be able to hold herself together?

One in a Million

Synopsis: Terry’s played the lottery for years and never won a thing. Is all that about to change?

The Santa Lie

Synopsis: A little girl confronts her parents on the truth about Santa early one Christmas morning.

In Pre-Production


Synopsis: Coming soon.