Scotoma from Alt Angle Films on Vimeo.


Dawn is anxiously waiting at the crown courts to be called to the dock. With only her friend Jackie for comfort and support. Will she be able to hold herself together?


Scotoma means the partial loss of vision in an otherwise normal visual field. Rather fittingly this curious title becomes clearer by the conclusion of this compelling two-hander. Dawn is anxiously waiting at the crown court to be called to the dock. With her best friend for comfort the pair discuss the trial. Mark Callum’s film wisely focuses on the script and performances as the audience gradually learns about the case and the relationship between the friends. It’s a tightly constructed short that delivers an effective moment of clarity in its final minutes – Adam Cook, XpoNorth


Tai Shan Productions in association with Alt Angle Films presents


Starring Nichola McHugh, Tracey Sheals, Gary Overton
Written & Directed by Mark Callum
Produced by Mark Callum & Darren Langlands
Director of Photography Adam Sheldon
Sound and Original Music by Robert J. Baldwin
Edited by Darren Langlands
Sound Design Ash Read
Camera Adam Sheldon & Darren Langlands
Colour Correction Timothy Greenfield
Production Assistants Aatif Ati Zafar & Sally Revington